Guhanagari Book Launch!

Nervousness and excitement raced through us as we approached the day of the book launch. We had anticipated this moment for months! There were moments when we wanted to give up. We even had ambitious ideas of crowdsourcing ten lakh rupees for a coffee table book for which this blog was made. But nonetheless the book we have published today is something we had only imagined up till now. Christ University was kind enough to keep our hopes alive. Without their help and funding this book would have continued to remain a dream.

The book launch event took place at Christ University on 23 August 2016. It was a proud moment for us, to see our hard work and perseverance bear fruit. After years of collating data on the biodiversity of Christ University followed by writing and editing the book, the book was published under the Christ University Press.

It was overwhelming to see the number of people who came to support and encourage us. Mr D V Girish, our mentor, Dr Antoney P U, our zoology professor, Dr Fr Abraham V M, the Pro Vice Chancellor of our University, Dr Anil Pinto, Registrar, our friends andย  colleagues from Center for Wildlife studies, Wildlife Conservation Action Team – Chikmagalur (WildCAT-C) members, and our juniors were all present at the venue and it was an honour to have them celebrating our book with us. Each one of them has played an important role in helping us realize our dreams and stood by us till we achieved it.

The book launch served not only as a way to celebrate the end of our journey but also relive that journey with everyone who was a part of the experience. Having them there allowed us to reminisce on the time we spent together from the research stage all the way to the editing process. We would like to thank all of them from the bottom of our hearts!

One of the things we cherish most through this experience is the relationships we strengthened not only with our juniors and friends but also with the security guards of our university! Initially quite suspicious of what we were up to, by the end of three years they were sharing in our excitement and eagerly awaited the release of our book.

While trying to document the different species present in our campus many people would walk up to us curious about why our faces were buried in the ground staring at some plant or insect. This always gave us an opportunity to encourage individuals to pay attention to their surroundings and observe the myriad forms of life living amongst us. And we hope that this book is able to do the same for years to come.

This blog will now be a platform to communicate updates on our future plans about the book and other things.

Pictures of the book launch are posted below. ๐Ÿ™‚


The dignitaries of the event.


The authors Sathya Chandra Sagar H S (L) and Pradeep V Hegde (R)



The unveiling of the book!




Proud family and friends.